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Tyres Blandford Forum

You must maintain your vehicle’s tyres since they establish a secure bond between your car and the road. Your tyres keep you and other road users safe!

There is no room for neglect when it comes to your tyres. If you have inadequate tread depth, you will have a longer stopping distance and are more likely to be involved in an accident. It could also land you in trouble with the police, resulting in hefty fines.

Keeping you safe is one of our top priorities at DCM Autocentres. With our expert technicians, you can expect excellent quality and outstanding value. Using our expertise, skills, and technical knowledge, we can assess the safety of your tyres. In the event they need to be replaced, we will do so.

Call today and book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up.

tyres blandford forum
tyres blandford forum

While I wait, can you fit the tyres?

While our tyre experts fit your tyres, you are more than welcome to wait.

It is, however, kindly requested that you book with us first.

Call today and book your tyres Blandford Forum assessment.

tyres blandford forum

What size tyres do I need?

Checking the sidewall of your current tyres is one of the easiest ways to determine tyre size. However, some vehicles, like BMWs or Mercedes, may use different-size tyres on the front and rear.

Still not sure? Let our experts take a look at it.

Call DCM Autocentres today and book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up.

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today.

What are the minimum tread requirements? And how do I measure this?

There is a minimum legal requirement for tyre tread depth in the UK of 1.6mm. You can use a gauge to measure this, but 20p coins are the easiest way to measure the depth.

In the tyre with the least tread, place the 20p coin. Check your tyres immediately if the outer rim of the coin is visible.

In addition to being extremely dangerous, driving with less than this is illegal. Don’t put yourself at risk of fines or accidents.

Book your tyres Blandford Forum assessment today.

I can't find my locking wheel nut key – what should I do?

Don’t panic! Simply contact one of our experts, and we will help solve the problem for you.

Let our specialists assist you at DCM Autocentres.

tyres blandford forum

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today.

My wheel has been damaged. Would you be able to fix it?

We have expert technicians at DCM Autocentres who can repair most types of wheels. There are, however, some damages that cannot be repaired.

In the event the wheel can’t be repaired, we’ll suggest solutions and guide you through the process. We place the highest priority on your safety.

Call our team today and book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up.

tyres blandford forum

How to check your tyre pressure?

Usually, inside the driver’s door or on your vehicle’s fuel cap is where you can find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle.

First, ensure all dust caps are removed from your vehicle. You can then find the current pressure by putting a pressure gauge on a tyre valve.

You should compare your actual reading with the recommended pressure levels. Ensure that the air machine is set to the correct pressure and start inflating your tyres.

Would you still like some help? Give our team a call today; we’re always happy to help.

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today.

wheel alignment blandford forum

Is wheel alignment necessary?

Aligning your wheels ensures that your tyres are touching the road at the correct angle, pointing straight and centred.

Wheels can become misaligned due to bumps in the road, potholes, speed bumps, and kerbs. In turn, this may lead to uneven tyre wear and reduced handling, which puts your safety and other road users at risk.

wheel alignment blandford forum

Signs that my alignment is incorrect

When you drive, you may notice that your vehicle pulls in one direction if your alignment is off. You may also experience reduced handling.

Make sure you don’t endanger yourself or others. Book your Blandford Forum wheel alignment checkup with DCM Autocentres today.

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today.

What our customers think

  • Will Higgins

    2nd May 2024

    Quick, efficient and with very welcoming and friendly staff.

    I've used them twice now and would definitely recommend them to others.

    Competitive prices too

    Visited them again today which is 2 years since I last visited and they are still just as friendly and dedicated to providing reliable and sound advice. The customer service was exceptional, especially from Jamie who... Read More

  • krystal cheater

    29th April 2024

    I came in with a punctured tyre which ended up being two punctured tyres the guys were so helpful and explained everything as and when and showed and explained why they couldn’t be repaired and needed to be replaced, I needed to use my space saver for a couple of days whilst my other tyre was on order and they explained what speed to stick and assured me I was safe, the service was... Read More

  • David Pullan

    28th April 2024

    These guys were our saviours on Friday when we had a flat tyre. They mounted the spare, checked the pressures and then gave advice on where to find a replacement as they didn't stick our size. When I went to settle up they refused to take payment. Friendly, helpful staff who made our problem disappear.

  • joey froud

    23rd April 2024

    Absolutely fantastic service yet again by Jack and his team at DCM tyres Blandford.. they allways go above and beyond to get the job done at a very great price. Could not recommend highly enough.. top job boys

  • Lucy Anne

    28th February 2024

    Thanks DCM for a great service today. Came in with a punctured tyre, repaired and back on the road in 30 minutes.

  • Jilly Spencer

    22nd February 2024

    Such a busy day on Monday 19th of Feb at DCM Blandford but I was seen and dealt with professionally and politely by the manager and his staff. The customers were happy to wait in a well organised queue until we were all seen and served as the waiting time was explained and attention given to each and every one of us. A great service and happy to see a local company so well supported. Many... Read More

  • Rob P

    12th January 2024

    What a great team , quality service and good prices , tyres and tracking done , that improved the driving experience thanks

  • Caroline Sambell

    12th January 2024

    I come to these guys whenever I need to have my tyres checked or changed. They are always very busy but still manage to be cheerful. Sometimes I have had to wait so I always make sure that I have something to read/do. They work so hard that at times they forget to eat or drink.

  • M LV

    11th January 2024

    Thank you Jamie for sorting out front puncture so efficently and promptly! You are a top gentleman. Will not hesitate to use again if need be.

  • Verity Husher

    10th January 2024

    Fantastic service from the team.
    Always helpful. I travel from Dorch to these guys as I know I can trust their work.
    I appreciate all the help.

  • Ruth Bloomfield

    8th January 2024

    It can be daunting as a woman on her own going to sort out new tyres, I need not to have worried.The guys were so friendly and helpful, and fully explained what was needed at a fair price, I was soon safely on my way and will certainly use them again. It was the first time I had been there as I am new to the area.

  • Jamie Adams

    1st November 2023

    Have used DCM for almost 4 years now.
    Can’t fault them at all. Professional and efficient service.
    Have and will continue to recommend to anyone.
    Thanks again!

  • Maria Nesbitt

    30th October 2023

    Had 2 new tyres last Friday after one failed MOT. Plus was advised to get wheel balancing done. Did an excellent job & well pleased. Then drove all the way back to Audi Poole for MOT certificate sign off 👍🏻

  • Louise Price

    25th October 2023

    Always excellent service, very helpful whoever I see there. Been a few times now, and the last time they were brilliant when I needed 2 new tyres.
    Will always go here as I don't feel they take the mick (not to my face anyway 🤣😉). I will see them soon for a tyre check.

  • Robert Spicer

    21st October 2023

    Ordered my tires on there website, they were fitted quickly, and re aligned my wheels, great service will definitely be returning

  • suzanne hughes

    21st October 2023

    I've been taking my car to DCM Blandford for 14 years. They check my tyres regularly, keeping me safe. Thank you 😊

  • Jade Clements

    4th September 2023

    Really good service, very accommodating for having arrived there with the AA. Diligent, friendly and honest service.

  • Alfie Dawson

    29th August 2023

    I love DCM tyres. Prices aren't that bad. The guys here previously have gone out of their way to find me a tyre that would be delivered before my holiday when I had a screw go through my tyre right before I was due to leave! Exceptional service, I go here for my tyres every time.

  • Peter Guyler

    25th August 2023

    Excellent service
    No waiting
    Good price
    No problem recommending DCM Blandford for speed, reliability, professionalism

  • Helen Hodgson

    10th January 2023

    Got to the end of a long day and then informed by a neighbour my tyre had been going flat in the carpark all day. I rang DCM and they said they could see me immediately. They very quickly identified the problem, plus advised me on a potential issue on another tyre. They changed both tyres there and then, communicating with me the whole time so I felt a lot less stressed and... Read More

  • Anne Sanderson

    31st December 2022

    Nothing to much trouble for the staff, so thank you

  • vinny keeping

    26th December 2022

    Good service not to expensive professional and we could leave the car all-day.

  • Claudie Thornewill

    18th October 2022

    Pleasant (especially as were short staffed), honest (regarding the waiting time), helpful staff. Great service!

  • Rich Clayton

    8th October 2022

  • Brian Bates

    14th August 2022

    Excellent job fitting tyres to my Toyota..
    Ordered on line for 4 Nexen tyres to be fitted at 8.30..All done on time complete with tracking.
    Staff courteous and competent.
    Recommended DCM & Nexen tyres.

  • Nick Rollings-Walsh

    19th July 2022

    Excellent service. Managed to use there web site to find the right tyres for my car by simply putting in the registration plate then booked in a day and time slot to have them fitted. What else could you ask for. Would highly recommend.

Book your tyres Blandford Forum check-up today.