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AdBlue Countdown Timer Fault

Audi A6: How to Fix an AdBlue Countdown Timer Fault

Audi is known for its luxurious and high-performance vehicles with high-end components. However, like any other luxury make and model, malfunctions can still occur. 

In this blog post, we will explore Audi diagnostics and maintenance while discussing what to do when a problem such as an AdBlue countdown timer fault does arise. We also showcase the exceptional skills and expertise of our Audi technicians at DCM Autocentre.

Our highly experienced technicians use a rigorous 15-step process to diagnose your vehicle, leaving no room for guesswork or unnecessary repairs. Our focus is on providing excellent value and ensuring a first-time fix for all issues. Regardless of whether it’s a minor concern or a major breakdown, our team guarantees that you’ll leave our garage with a satisfied smile and a well-maintained Audi.

Read on to discover why you should choose DCM Autocentre for all your Audi service and repair needs…

AdBlue Countdown Timer Fault

Audi A6 Diesel AdBlue Problems: An Introduction

Over the past few decades, diesel fuel has become a popular choice for many car manufacturers. Consumers have in the past shown a preference for diesel vehicles due to their lower fuel cost and perceived reliability. This reliability factor has contributed to their popularity.

Audi listened to their customers and incorporated a diesel engine in their luxury car, the Audi A6. The engine was extremely dependable, with the only real downside being the potential problem with fuel emissions.

More than a decade ago, AdBlue was introduced as a means of curbing emissions from diesel vehicles. AdBlue is a type of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. It is injected into the vehicle’s exhaust system, where it reacts with harmful nitrogen oxide emissions and converts them into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. This helps reduce air pollution and meet emissions regulations.

While it has proven effective in reducing harmful emissions, it has not been sufficient to forestall the decision to phase out diesel vehicles by the year 2030. Individuals who still use diesel must ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained to meet acceptable emission levels for the annual MOT test.

A recent client of ours visited our garage to report an issue with the AdBlue system in their 2016 Audi A6, which resulted in increased emissions. Specifically, the client mentioned a problem with the AdBlue countdown timer.

Our Audi expert technician listened to the client’s concerns regarding the countdown timer issue with their Audi A6 and considered all possible causes. Our technician was eager to provide a first-time fix and committed to getting them back on the road in no time, with complete road confidence.

The Faults We Discovered

Our Audi technician examined the client’s Audi A6 to address the AdBlue issue. They verified the problem and identified several helpful clues that would aid in the repair process.

Even after refilling the AdBlue fluid, the dashboard continued to display the countdown timer and AdBlue warning. Our Audi technician suspected that there might be an issue with the Engine Management System (EMS) and the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as a result.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a technology used in vehicles to reduce harmful emissions. It involves injecting the AdBlue liquid into the exhaust system that reacts with the exhaust gases to convert pollutants into less harmful substances. 

The client informed us that they had already taken their vehicle to the local dealership.They were told it was  a different part causing the problem, so they conducted a software update. Unfortunately, the attempted repair did not resolve the issue.

Our client was fortunate to come across DCM Autocentre while searching for a local Audi specialist and was impressed by our customer reviews and blog posts. They trusted us to resolve the AdBlue issue with their Audi A6, and we were happy to prove them right.

After years of dealing with AdBlue problems, our technician approached the A6 issue with confidence. Our Audi specialist identified that the AdBlue malfunction was caused by the two major systems mentioned above. To ensure a comprehensive resolution, our expert technician used our specialised 15-step diagnostic procedure.

The DCM Automotive Diagnostic Procedure   

Our technician began our proven 15-step diagnostic process as soon as we took over the Audi. Identification of the root cause was essential before finding a solution.

As part of the procedure, we conducted a short test drive to observe any issues with the A6. Conducting test drives is often crucial for the technician to diagnose problems of this type, and we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the potential causes.

At DCM Autocentre, we use Audi Manufacturer technology, similar to that used by Audi dealers, to scan the car for fault codes. From this scan, multiple errors related to the SCR system were found, which confirmed that further investigation was required.

Our technician conducted live data checks on both incoming and outgoing signals before inspecting the SCR system. During this process, an irregularity caught our technician’s attention, leading them to review the repair history from the previous garage. This step can help the diagnostic process by providing further clues to how potential issues have been caused, but unfortunately it did not provide a solution in this case. Nonetheless, our Audi specialist persevered and continued to investigate.

After examining the AdBlue fluid levels, it was determined that the quality was satisfactory and met the recommended standards. Some garages may attempt to cut costs by utilising subpar AdBlue fluid, which can be detrimental to the vehicle’s engine. Fortunately, our client’s Audi A6 did not encounter this issue as they had used the advised AdBlue fluid recommended for their make and model.

Our Audi specialist was faced with a challenge to solve as the software was functioning properly, the fluid was in good condition, and the issue was not common with Audi vehicles. We suspected that the problem might be related to hardware and so decided to conduct another thorough investigation.

Upon inspection of the AdBlue pump, it was discovered that it was unable to generate sufficient pressure to effectively deliver the fluid, thus identifying the root cause of the issue.

As soon as our technician identified the problem, we began to repair it.

Making the Repair

Our Audi specialist attempted multiple tests but was unable to achieve the necessary pressure from the AdBlue pump. The only viable option was to replace the defective component and install a new one. 

The faulty AdBlue pump was replaced and the AdBlue fluid was refilled. The pressure levels were checked, and no errors were found during the testing process, ensuring that the system was now operating smoothly. Our client was delighted to learn that our skilled Audi technicians had identified and fixed the AdBlue countdown timer issue and their A6 was up and running in great condition. 

In Summary

Our Audi specialist utilised their extensive knowledge and experience to confidently address our client’s Audi A6 issue. Despite any obstacles that arose, our technician relied on their knowledge and training to successfully resolve the problem.

At DCM Autocentre, our primary goal is to deliver a comprehensive solution that offers excellent value. Our team of technicians are highly skilled  at identifying and resolving any issues, and our exceptional work speaks for itself. Utilising our 15-step diagnostic process, our specialists can precisely identify the root cause of any problem and recommend an accurate solution.

Why visit Audi Salisbury for expert Audi advice, when we are  committed to providing dealer-level expertise with better service and value?

Don’t waste any more time searching for an Audi expert, head over to DCM Autocentre. We are confident that we can diagnose and fix any issue with your Audi. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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