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Land Rover Starting Issues

Land Rover Starting Issues

Land Rover vehicles are a staple of modern luxury. Not only are they capable off-road, but their extreme comfort and class are what makes the brand so strong. However sometimes, they don’t always work as they should. 

Just like any vehicle, they encounter battery failures, electrical problems, starter issues and fuel issues.

At DCM Automotive, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to diagnosing and fixing these issues. Our team of experts are ready to diagnose and fix your Land Rover issue in no time.

Let’s uncover what might be wrong in your Land Rover vehicle.   reading to find out common starter issues and how to resolve them.

Land Rover Starting Issues

Common Issues When Starting Land Rover Vehicles

Many factors could play a part in starter issues in your Land Rover vehicle, they are:

  • Low Battery: A low or dead battery means your engine will fail to start. It can be annoying if this happens. A dead battery could signify that it’s old and needs replacing, or an electrical feature could have used all its power such as leaving a light or accessory on overnight.
  • Ignition Switch Issues: The ignition switch is the vital component that tells your engine to start. If the signal being sent to the ignition is disrupted or blocked, then your engine will fail to start. If this sounds like you, give DCM Automotive a call and we’ll fix it.
  • Troubled Starter Motor: A failing starter motor means your engine will have trouble starting. It may be the motor itself or the starter motor solenoid.
  • Problematic Fuel System: A fuel filter blockage, failed fuel pump or very low fuel can prevent your engine from starting.
  • Ignition System Fault: If your ignition coils do not function as they should then your engine will fail to ignite. Your spark plugs or ignition modules may be at fault and will need replacement. If you suspect this, call DCM Automotive today!
  • Failed Security System: if your Land Rover security system could be falsely activated. This leads to it blocking the start-up attempt.
  • Key fob or Key Malfunctions: Your key or key fob may not be detected by the vehicle, causing it not to start up.
  • Injector Fault: Your fuel injection system may not be working properly. If your Land Rover has intermittent fuel injector issues then call DCM Automotive today.
  • Control Module Issues: Your Land Rover Electronic Control Module (ECM) is responsible for reading data and controlling vehicle functions; if the module is faulty then your engine may not start.
  • Wiring and Electrical Issues: Loose connectors, corroded terminals or cut wires could be the reason why your Land Rover is not starting.

If you experience these issues in your Land Rover, consult experts who will be able to help.

With our team knowing all there is to know about Land Rover vehicles, we possess the best skills in the industry to fix your Land Rover starting issues. Call DCM Automotive today for an exceptional first-time fix!

Preventing Starting Issues – The Essential Guide

To maintain your Land Rover correctly and keep it running like new, consider these steps for minimising starter issues:

  • Regular Maintenance Checks: Adhering to the maintenance guidelines outlined in your Land Rover owner’s manual is crucial. Consistent check-ups can identify and resolve minor issues before they escalate into significant and costly problems.
  • Battery Care: It’s important to regularly assess the condition of your battery. Replace it when signs of wear emerge or when it reaches the end of its lifespan. Additionally, ensure the battery terminals are clean and securely fastened. If you require assistance with your battery, reach out to DCM Automotive.
  • Fuel Management: Use only high-quality fuel for your Land Rover and avoid allowing the tank to be near empty as this can strain the vehicle’s fuel pump.
  • Key and Fob Maintenance: Take care of your keys and fobs to prevent damage. Protect them from harsh weather and avoid dropping them in water. Don’t forget to replace the fob battery as needed.
  • Pre-Drive Warm-Up: In colder weather, allow your engine to run briefly before starting your journey to reduce wear on the engine and starter.
  • Minimise Electrical Usage: Ensure all electrical accessories, such as lights, air conditioning or the radio are turned off when the engine is not running, especially before ignition. Preventing a flat battery is always a good practice.
  • Steering Wheel Status: For Land Rover models with a keyless start feature, confirm that the steering wheel isn’t locked when initiating the start. A locked steering wheel can hinder the ignition process.
  • Security System Check: It’s crucial to keep your Land Rover’s security features in optimal condition. If you detect any issues with your alarm or immobiliser, don’t hesitate to contact DCM Automotive for expert assistance.
  • Avoid Short Journeys: Short drives may not allow the engine to warm up fully and can lead to battery drainage, resulting in ignition problems. Whenever possible, opt for longer drives.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Equip your vehicle with essentials like jump leads or a portable battery booster to address unexpected battery issues. You never know when they might come in handy.
  • Regular Driving: Make it a habit to drive your Land Rover regularly. Extended periods of vehicle inactivity can lead to battery depletion and other starting issues.

Using this as a comprehensive guide, you can reduce the likelihood of start-up issues and maintain the performance of your exceptional Land Rover.

If you encounter starting issues with your Land Rover vehicle, you should consult expert help. Our team of Land Rover specialists at DCM Automotive are here to help you resolve your vehicle issues  the first time.

Call DCM Automotive today for expert starter issue solutions in your Land Rover.


How can I identify a low battery in my Land Rover?

Your Land Rover battery might be running low if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Delayed Ignition: If starting your engine takes a while, it could be a sign of a battery issue.
  • Headlight Dimness: If your headlights brighten when accelerating but dim while idle, it’s a sign that you need a battery replacement.
  • Corrosion: Inspect your battery for noticeable corrosion around cables and terminals within connectors.
  • Repeated Need for Jump-Starting: If you require a jump-start often, it could indicate your battery is on its last legs.

My Land Rover’s battery is drained. How do I give it a jumpstart?

Here’s how you can jumpstart your Land Rover:

  1. Use a set of jump leads and another vehicle with a fully charged battery.
  2. Connect one end of the positive (red) jump lead to your Land Rover’s positive (+) battery terminal.
  3. Attach the other end of the positive jump lead to the positive terminal of the assisting vehicle’s battery.
  4. Connect one end of the black (negative) jump lead to the assisting vehicle’s negative (-) terminal.
  5. Attach the other end of the negative jump lead to a clean, unpainted metal part on your Land Rover, away from the battery.
  6. Start the assisting vehicle’s engine and let it run for several minutes.
  7. Attempt to start your Land Rover.
  8. After a successful start, disconnect the jump leads in the reverse sequence of attachment.
  9. Keep your Land Rover running for about 10-15 minutes to ensure your battery has sufficient charge.

Should I tackle starting issues in my Land Rover by myself?

At DCM Automotive, we strongly advise you not to troubleshoot your Land Rover starting problems at home.

Our Land Rover specialists have the expertise to solve any starting issue. We also have access to the same technical information as Land Rover dealerships, making us the best alternative to offering dealership-level care but for better value.

Without the necessary experience and know-how, you can cause further damage to your Land Rover when you attempt to fix it. After all, you don’t want a more expensive repair bill, right?

Whether your Land Rover needs a quick fix or something more complex, our experienced Land Rover specialists can help. Call DCM Automotive today for a quality first-time fix for a better-than-dealer rate.

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